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Dog Walking Chelmsford      Est. 2006

Dog Walking Chelmsford

Our Services

Dog Walking: 


Your dog will enjoy either a 40 minute or an hour walk around your area or a local park. This can be on or off lead depending on what your dog is used to.



Cat Visits:


I will visit your house once or twice a day and feed, water, change litter and basic grooming if needed. I will also provide your cat with TLC!



Puppy Care:


When you have a new puppy it is difficult to leave them alone all day while you are at work. I can visit your home and top up food and water bowls, clean up any accidents, reinforce any training and most importantly of all lots of TLC!!!



Small Animal Visits:


It can be hard to find people to look after small animals while you are on holiday. I can visit your house and feed, water, clean out any cages/hutches and provide lots of TLC while you are away!



Small Animal Boarding(Rabbits, Guinea pigs etc)


If you would prefer your small animals to stay at my house I am happy to look after them while you are away.



Vet/Groomers taxi service:


If you are unable to take your pet to the vets or need to get to a grooming appointment and cannot get the time off work then I can transport your pet for you.


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